New Rumor About Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Breakup Will Make Your Head Spin

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OMG. If the news that they ended their engagement wasn't shocking enough, now there's a report claiming that Josh Murray dumped Andi Dorfman to be The Bachelor, so their relationship was an even bigger farce than we possibly could've imagined. Wait -- it gets worse. According to Hollywood Life, supposedly Josh never wanted to be the last man standing on The Bachelorette at all, which would suggest that he was almost annoyed that Andi gave him the final rose.


An insider explains:

During the filming of the show the producers kept telling Josh that if Andi didn't pick him, he would be the next Bachelor. So he has been resentful towards Andi because he knows he could have been in the lime light as the Bachelor, so now [that he's single] he is going to make a play to try to be the next Bachelor. Even though they are telling their friends [their split] was mutual he ended it.

Um, WTF?

The source goes on to add that the only thing Andi and Josh were ever interested in was fame, saying, "They have only been staying together to try and be a power couple and make as much money as possible out of endorsement deals."

(Yeah. Well, I guess that's over with now.)

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While the thought of Andi and Josh maintaining their relationship to try and further their respective careers isn't all that impossible to believe, do you honestly think Josh stayed with her as long as he did in the hopes of landing another reality TV gig? I mean, if producers had really promised him The Bachelor spot, why wouldn't he have kicked Andi to the curb months ago instead of dragging things out?

I suppose there's always the chance that he knew Chris Soules had secured the job and wanted to make sure he stayed current in the hopes of being The Bachelor the next time around, but it just seems odd that Andi wouldn't have caught on to his "master plan."

That being said, I'm still not convinced that these two were ever 100 percent the real deal in the first place. If I had to guess, I'd say their sexual chemistry was off the charts enough to sustain them for a few months after the initial Bachelorette hoopla died down. But once that fizzled out? Yeah. I guess we know how that story ended.

Do you think Josh wants to be the next Bachelor?


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