Kailyn Lowry's Weight Loss Is Even More Drastic Than We Thought (PHOTO)

Kailyn Lowry and sons

Based on her more recent Instagram photos, it's quite obvious that Kailyn Lowry has dropped some serious weight over the past year or so. Girlfriend has been hitting the gym like it's her job and hasn't been shy about sharing her sweat session efforts with us on social media, and her hard work is clearly paying off. But it turns out we may have underestimated just how many pounds she's lost based on a new side-by-side pic she shared, which shows how different she looks than she did a couple of months ago.



WOW! Ok, so I know this isn't a full-body shot, but check out how much slimmer her face is! The whole shape is different, and she just looks so much brighter and healthier. (Seriously. She's glowing, people!)

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One of the first places most of us notice weight loss on others is in their face, though Kail might not have seen a huge difference until she put these two photos together. When we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, it's sometimes hard to see the pounds falling off since the transformation is more gradual.

And who else totally hears her on the "kicking my addiction to food" bit? Gah. It really doesn't matter how hard you work out. If you're still eating too much of the wrong food, the weight will NEVER come off.

But Kail definitely needs to give herself more credit, because she's clearly doing more than one thing right when it comes to her weight loss journey. At the rate she's going, she's going to need a whole new wardrobe by the time spring rolls around!

Are you impressed with Kail's weight loss?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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