'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Claudia Jordan Is the Queen of Shade!

Claudia Jordan Nene Leakes fight Real Housewives of Atlanta

Tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes was booted from her throne and Claudia Jordan took up residence. The queen is dead, long live the queen! When Demetria McKinney invited (inexplicably) these women she does not really know to hang out with her in Puerto Rico, it was kind of a given that drama would follow. I expected the usual -- whining over room size and a general lack of appreciation directed toward the host. And sure, those things happened, because of course they did. But the real delicious part of the evening came when Claudia put NeNe in her place for being so disrespectful to Demeteria and basically everyone else at the table who was not Phaedra Parks. It was glorious. I had to put on sunglasses. Because, you know, shade. 


Frankly, Phaedra got off EASY this week! She was nothing but rude to Demeteria for no reason, and Madame D was right to ask for an apology. The fact that NeNe chose this as an opportunity to make it clear how few fucks she truly gives was weird and totally declasse. It was a stunt only Phaedra can thank her for since it took the negative attention away from her mumbling and vicious faux-southern belle behind! 

While Demetria more than got in her fair share of licks (calling out Phaedra about Apollo Nida's jail time was brutal enough to have me standing up and turning around in a small circle of awkwardness), it was Claudia's quiet, stealth take-down on NeNe that won the day. She was the clear cut victor, leaving NeNe just bleating back nonsensical insults about her opponent's genitalia. What made Claudia so successful in her take-down? She didn't yell. She didn't get mad. She was a shade throwing ROBOT AND I LOVED IT. The more huffy NeNe got, the more serene Claudia got, helpfully pointing out that NeNe's show was cancelled and that she used to work the pole. I died. Twice. That's right, this fight was so delicious I somehow resurrected to watch the whole thing again. 

I love NeNe but she has had this coming for a while, and I've got to say, I was shocked her comeuppance was delivered via a new addition to the cast. Long live Claudia, may she get the foot surgery of her dreams and continue leaving Madame Leakes utterly speechless -- a heady feat indeed. Ha, FOOT PUN! It stays. 

Do you think NeNe is on her way out?


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