'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Brown Might Lose a Wife Over One Stupid Argument

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This week on Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his family hit the road for a nice, restful vacation. Ha, ha, yeah right. Traveling with just one family is stressful enough, now imagine quadrupling it! I hunkered down in front of the idiot box confident that there would be some sort of crisis. That said, I had no idea that we'd get such a candid look at all the tension simmering beneath the surface of Kody and Christine Brown's marriage! Ah yes, the soothing respite of the family road trip: Let the Browns' misfortunes serve as a reminder to us all. Better by far to let the rest of the family venture forth while you enjoy a stayvaction of too much TV and perpetual pantslessness. 


For a man with four wives, what Kody fails to grasp about womankind as a whole will never not baffle me. That said, I did once have a dream where he asked me to be his new wife, and from what I recall, I was very enthusiastic about this. In the interest of full disclosure, in this dream, I was also a parrot, so take that how you want is I guess what I'm saying. 

Christine was pissed at Kody because he wanted to hang out with an old high school friend who made no secret of disapproving of their polygamous lifestyle. Christine asked him not to invite this friend to hang out, and Kody did it anyway. Let's just stop the tape right there (I said tape because I am old and do not understand the ways of all things digital).

Kody deliberately did something Christine asked him not to do after she explained to him that his doing so would be hurtful to her. THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING WHEN THEY TRIED TO SOLVE THEIR CONFLICT. Instead, Christine kept saying she hated her husband's friend and Kody was all "women, amiright?" and it was like a particularly terrible episode of Everybody Loves Raymond

In any relationship communication is key. I learned that from Oprah and also Redbook. Christine was REALLY mad at Kody for not hearing her, and as a dude with four wives, he should have picked up on that! It's great that Kody's able to tolerate the amount of flack he gets as a polygamist, comes with the territory, sure. But that wasn't what Christine really had a problem with at all. Kody ended things by assuring cameras that they "weren't going to split over this," but that couldn't disguise the seriousness of this argument.

Do you think Christine should leave Kody?


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