Jenelle Evans Reveals the Shocking Truth About Her Engagement

Jenelle Evans, Nathan GriffithIn case you haven't heard the news, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith got engaged in St. Thomas this week. The Teen Mom 2 stars were on vacation, when he got down on one knee at dinner with friends and popped the question. Jenelle took to social media to combat some of the rumors surrounding her engagement, and what she had to say was pretty unbelievable.


With MTV filming during their tropical getaway, and what turned out to be her engagement dinner, more than a couple people questioned who paid for the whole thing. The trip, the proposal, the ring? Had to be MTV, right? After all, the stars may be compensated, but from what we can tell, they're not exactly rolling in it.

Jenelle called the rumors that MTV paid for any of it "laughable."

Reality gossip site The Ashley found a source close to the show who said, "There's no way MTV would pay for Jenelle and Nathan to go on vacation. No way ... people seem to think that the network pays for everything that these girls do, which just isn’t the case. Shockingly, they are telling the truth -- Nathan actually did pay for the trip. He paid the bill for the airfare and hotel stay for everyone, except the film crew obviously."

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Another source confirmed. "They won’t pay for anything like that ... if someone goes out to dinner and it’s on-camera, MTV will pay the bill, up to a certain amount. They'll pay for activities on camera. So maybe the dinner bill was picked up. But anyone that thinks MTV would pay for an engagement ring is completely wrong."

According to Jenelle, her stunner of a ring set her man back $10,700 -- not to mention how much the air and hotel cost him! Are we really to believe that Nathan, who goes to school with Jenelle and has a spotty employment history, footed the bill for all of it?

Sources say that the former MMA fighter has a job now, but it's hard to figure out how he made so much so quickly without a little help from his baby mama Jenelle. Maybe he just worked out a better contract with MTV.

Who knows? But Jenelle claims that Nathan paid for it all, and she's sticking to it. Does it even really matter? Girlfriend is happy as a clam in the tropical sand. Let her have her moment.

Do you think Nathan really paid for Jenelle's engagement ring and trip?


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