Josh Murray's Reaction to Split From Andi Dorfman Is Really Kind of Sad

Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

They definitely put on a good show as far as making us all believe they were happy and in love, which is why the news that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray broke up came as quite the surprise to many fans yesterday. No one knows what is truly going on in a relationship besides the two people who are part of it, but still, Josh and Andi really did seem like they were headed to the altar sometime in the next few months.


And while Andi has yet to speak out about how she's doing now that the engagement is off, Josh was quick to react on Instagram late yesterday, although he must have realized he'd made himself a bit too vulnerable.

He posted a photo to Instagram of a man kneeling down with an arm raised to the heavens with a caption that said, "Lord, help me to have faith in your plan."

Shortly after sharing the pic, however, he wound up deleting it, so he must have regretted expressing his feelings.

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OMG. Doesn't this make you feel kind of sorry for him? It's almost as if he basically admitted that he did not want the relationship to end, which makes us wonder if Andi is the one who pulled the plug.

Huh. I wonder if the fact that her bestie, Nikki Ferrell, also recently became single has anything to do with it? Nothing quite helps a gal move on than having a buddy to go on the prowl with.

As for Josh and how he'll manage to heal his broken heart? Um, something tells me women are already lining up at his door who are more than willing to help him out with that task.

Do you feel bad for Josh?


Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

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