Kailyn Lowry Makes Shocking Claim About Her First Pregnancy

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry has certainly come a long way from her days as a homeless pregnant teenager with an absent father and alcoholic mother. The Teen Mom 2 star is a happy married 20-something now -- with another baby, a New York Times bestselling memoir, a new clothing line, and five-plus seasons of reality TV under her belt. But she recently took to Twitter to claim to make a shocking claim about her first pregnancy, and we can't believe she really went there.


When one fan claimed that MTV just handed the stars money when they didn't deserve it, Kail wasn't about to let go of the opportunity to defend herself.

Some people have been critical of the docu-drama for "glorifying" teen pregnancy, but studies have shown that teen pregnancy rates have actually dropped as 16 and Pregnant and the Teen Mom series have gained popularity.

But even so, Kail made the claim that she contributed to society with her first pregnancy.

"1. You don't know what MTV does or doesn't 'hand' us," she defended herself and the show that made her famous. "2. 20,000 pregnancies have been prevented 3. We are contributing to society by showing girls the struggles so others DON'T do the same thing as we did." 

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OK, she may have a point about us not knowing what they make from MTV, but is she really trying to say that letting cameras document her first pregnancy and the subsequent years since hasn't given her opportunities unavailable to most other teenage mothers?

At least she ended her mini-rant with something I think we can all agree on. "You can't blame us for moving forward and making the best of what we have now," she ended on a high note.

Now that we can get behind. But saying you've contributed to society by getting pregnant in high school and joining a reality TV show is a bit much.

What do you think of Kailyn's comments about her involvement with Teen Mom 2?


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