Nikki Ferrell's Boob Job Is Impossible to Deny (PHOTO)

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

Hmm. You know how they say the best revenge you can get on an ex is to show up looking like a million bucks? Yeah, well, if her red carpet appearance at the live premiere of The Bachelor is any indication, it looks like Nikki Ferrell got a boob job in order to really stick it to Juan Pablo Galavis. Yeah, yeah, I know she was all complimentary of him when she spoke to reporters that night, but duh -- we all know she thinks he's just as big a d-bag as the rest of America does.


Back to her newly enlarged breasts. Take a good look at the photo above of her and Juan Pabs back in happier times. And then get a load of this new shot, taken at The Bachelor premiere.

Nikki Ferrell

Va-va-va ... B-O-O-B-S!!!!

Um, if she didn't go under the knife, then that's one hell of a push-up bra she's wearing. OMG. It's SO obvious that she had her girls enhanced!

Even Reality Steve claims that Nikki had a boob job right after Couples' Therapy, and he's not usually wrong when it comes to Bachelor nation stars.

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But even though some view plastic surgery as a little vain (to say the least), don't you think Nikki's new cleavage is actually pretty tasteful? Sure, her boobs are bigger, but they're not too big, so at least she still looks proportional.

Hey, more power to her, right? After dating the most hated dude in Bachelor history for as long as she did, she deserves a small reward. (Or two.)

Do you think Nikki had a boob job?


Images via Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

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