'Hindsight' Recap: Confused Bride Time Travels Back to the '90s & Can't Even Share It on Facebook

Back before Google ... before texting ... before Facebook was a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg's eye ... and thankfully before Justin Bieber ... there was something called ... the '90s! Okay, so it's not exactly the '50s in terms of the differences between now and then, but YOU try living without Google! VH1's new show, Hindsight, takes us back to those glory (?) days (which must seem like the '50s to millennials) when Becca Brady is mysteriously transported from 2014 to 1995. She's ostensibly there to figure out whether she should remarry her first husband and relive a marriage that turned out to be a disaster or call it off and find a new path to the aughts. (Those of us who actually lived through the '90s might remember this plot from Peggy Sue Got Married.)


The show starts with Becca on the eve of her second wedding, this time to a much nicer man -- one who treats her well, who has a job, and who brings her Indian food before she even knows she wants it. In other words, the man she's not sure she wants to marry.

Forty-something Becca, who hasn't aged a molecule in 20 years, roams the New York City streets in distress, wishing she could go back and do everything differently. Never marry her first husband. Go on a different career path. Do something amazing with her life.

She meets a stranger who utters a Buddhist proverb about not living in the past and boom! that's exactly what she wakes up in. Behold the early '90s: an era when cordless phones were the new thing, people still used AOL, the World Trade Center still stood, and music was a lot better.

The first thing Becca does is track down her best friend, who is to be her maid of honor that day (it's her wedding day to her first husband), but whom she had a falling out with in the intervening years. She's just crazy enough to believe what's happening, she thinks.

The friend, Lolly, at first thinks Becca is having a nervous breakdown or has taken a muscle relaxer on her wedding day ("Didn't you learn the biggest lesson from Sixteen Candles?"), but after Becca tells her a couple of things she could have only known if she'd come from the future, Lolly finally believes her. (Because this is the way it's always done in time travel movies, duh!)

The second stop Becca makes is to her fiance Sean's apartment -- he's the guy she has electric chemistry with, but who turns out to be a horrible husband. When he opens the door, the chemistry is still there, and she flies into his arms, his perfect abs, and his bed. Don't you hate it when that happens?

But she's still unsure if she should marry him (again). "I'm just worried we're going to make the same mistakes over and over," she tells him.

He assures her they are perfect for each other, and Becca, apparently a very slow learner, starts to crack, desperately wanting to give the two of them another chance at making their relationship work this time.

Many of us would love a chance to go back and find a relationship we totally screwed up and, with our hard-earned wisdom, try to bring about a different outcome. But can Becca do it?

The show gets in a few good fish-out-of-future-water jokes, a la Back to the Future, and it should be a nice nostalgia trip for those who lived the '90s.

But really, if Becca doesn't immediately buy up a bunch of Apple stock, then I just can't take this thing seriously.

What would you do over if you could?


Image via VH1

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