Cody Sattler Disses Michelle Money in the Worst Possible Way


Michelle Money & Cody Sattler

Ugh. Just when we thought they somehow managed to beat the odds and have a legitimately amicable breakup, it looks like there's definitely more to the story behind Michelle Money's split from Cody Sattler. OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who about fell over after learning they'd called it quits? They were only, like, the most adorable couple to ever come out of a Bachelor show, so it was such a buzz kill to see their romance fizzle.


And if you were paying attention to who was walking the red carpet at the live premiere of Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor on Monday night, then you probably noticed Michelle was in attendance, while Cody-Code was nowhere in sight.

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But if Cody's most recent Instagram posts are any indication, he definitely has a few hard feelings toward Michelle, leading us to wonder what REALLY caused their breakup.



A photo posted by Cody Sattler (@cody_sattler) onJan 1, 2015 at 4:11pm PST


Damn. Did he seriously just call her "fake"? Is there anything worse a person can be called? (Within reason, I mean.) Considering what a teddy bear Cody is, these words cut like a knife, and we have to assume they're directed at Michelle, right?

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I mean, who else could he be trying to throw shade at with these comments?

When they both announced their split on social media, some commenters were quick to suggest that Michelle used Cody to further her career and never had any intention of marrying him and living happily ever after. Cody, on the other hand, was clearly quite smitten with Michelle, so if I had to guess, my money is on her putting an end to things. (No pun intended.)

But getting back to the "fake" bit. Hmm. It's almost makes you wonder if Cody saw Michelle being all happy and chummy with the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise cast the other night while watching the premiere at home and had a little twinge of jealousy going on.

After all, one of the toughest parts of a breakup is when your mutual friends choose to side with your ex, even if you aren't the one who made the relationship go sour.

Hopefully someday we'll learn the truth behind what made Michelle and Cody decide to part ways. But for now, let's go ahead and assume that she's moved on, while he clearly is nowhere close to being over her yet. (Aww.)

Do you think Cody was throwing shade at Michelle with these posts?


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