Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul's Surprising Announcement Leaves Us Speechless

Marcus Grodd Lacy Faddoul

The cat is finally out of the bag! Remember a few weeks ago, when Bachelor in Paradise couple Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul teased big news they couldn't wait to share with the world? Well, Marcus opted to spill the beans on Twitter, and let's just say his announcement is so unexpected, we really aren't sure what to make of it yet.


Yep. Lacy has her own line of perfume. That's the big news.

No big, fancy TV wedding in the works. No baby on the way. No ... anything remotely exciting. (Not even a new dog.) Just perfume.

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Although that photo, which is presumably from the ad for the fragrance, has all the makings of the cover of a romance novel or something. (We dig it.)

While we're certainly happy that Lacy and Marcus have taken on a new venture, who else was hoping their announcement would live up to the hype they created about the big reveal? At the very least, we assumed they had landed a reality TV spinoff show of their own. (You know, like an updated version of Newlyweds or whatever.)

Oh well, more power to 'em, right? And now that they're officially in the fragrance biz, who knows what other sorts of fun endorsement deals will pop up. Hey, they might as well stretch their Bachelor in Paradise fame as far as it can possibly go. (Who can blame them?)

Will you buy Lacy's new perfume?


Image via lacyfaddoul/Instagram

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