Kailyn Lowry Makes Heartbreaking Confession About Marriage to Javi

Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin

Ugh. As much as we'd love to believe that their marriage is perfectly fine, it looks like there is definitely some cause for concern, especially since Kailyn Lowry admitted she and Javi Marroquin aren't "perfect." She made the confession on Instagram, and as you will see, it sounds like she and Javi are going through some sort of rough patch, almost to the point where they could be teetering on the brink of a split.



Um, WHOA. Are you believing this? I mean, rumors about trouble in their marriage have persisted for weeks now, but we never expected Kail to be so open and public about whatever is going on between them.

Just recently, Javi was called out for posting numerous photos of himself with a mutual friend of his and Kail's, Christina. Fans couldn't help but wonder why he's constantly gushing over someone other than his wife.

While he may or may not be having an affair with this chick, a new report from RadarOnline indicates that Kailyn might not be 100 percent committed to the relationship either.

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A source claims, "Kail has been texting guys wanting to catch up and hang out -- without Javi. It's very odd behavior for a married woman."

Huh. Yes, that's odd behavior indeed. And you know what else seems a little out of character for a married gal? The fact that Kailyn isn't the least bit shy about sharing photos in which her wedding ring is noticeably absent.

It's almost like she posts the pics in an effort to send a message to the world that she's getting closer to being single, though if that's the case, her latest Instagram shout out to Javi is kind of contradictory.

Only time will tell if Javi and Kail can work through whatever sort of issues they're having. But if he keeps turning up in the company of other women and she doesn't put her ring back on her finger in the near future, odds are good that a split is probably imminent.

Do you think Kail and Javi will wind up divorcing?


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