Brandi Glanville Breaks Down on 'WWHL' After Jeff Lewis Makes Joke (VIDEO)


As a die-hard watcher of all things on Bravo, Watch What Happens Live is must-see TV for me each and every night. So when I turned it on last night and saw that clubhouse regulars Brandi Glanville and Jeff Lewis were on together -- I knew it was gonna be an epic night. I just never thought it would be so epic that it would end with Brandi in full-on tears by the end of the show!


So what happened? Well, it's hard to say exactly where things went south. Jeff and Brandi are actually very good friends, so the show started off as entertaining as ever because they were comfortable trading harmless insults with one another. I expected things to get tense during one game where Jeff got to weigh in on Brandi's many feuds and take a side. But no, Brandi was a good sport -- even when Jeff told her she was in the wrong.

Things actually all fell apart when Andy asked Brandi to run her fingers through Jeff's hair to prove he didn't wear a toupee. Watch it unravel here:

So basically, Jeff asked if he could get an STD from Brandi's fingers in his hair and Brandi had a delayed reaction to the comment much later on in the show because it was a sensitive subject. Brandi revealed in her first book Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders that she did indeed get an STD from her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. I guess the pain of that ordeal came rushing back and Brandi couldn't resist throwing wine on Jeff before breaking down in full on tears -- on live TV!

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In all my years of watching crazy stuff go down on WWHL, I've never seen Andy so thrown and I've never seen Jeff go speechless. It was incredibly awkward and fascinating all at once. But I'm having a hard time deciding what really prompted the breakdown. WWHL is known for getting their guests quite liquored up on the air, and Brandi is known for not exactly being able to hold her alcohol. But upon another viewing this morning -- I don't think she was that drunk. Brandi was way drunker when she threw wine on Eileen Davidson during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earlier in the night!

We've definitely seen Brandi way more intoxicated. This seemed to be coming from a place of genuine hurt. I think Brandi really hasn't gotten over Eddie and the damage he did to her emotionally. And when you're still that raw with your emotions, you just can't control what's going to send you spiraling.

Or maybe Brandi's just getting way better at hiding it when she's wasted ...

What do you think prompted Brandi's breakdown last night?


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