'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Thinks Life Is a Soap Opera

Brandi Glanville Beverly Hills Wine

Did you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight? Brandi Glanville hurled a glass (more like the remainder of a glass, to be fair) of wine into Eileen Davidson's face! It was exceptionally awkward! Just ask all of the throw cushions on my couch that I tried to hide behind until it was over. If you're not down with inanimate objects as witnesses, my household pets can also testify as to the volume of my squeals of discomfort. I was a step away from pulling a Kyle Richards and hiding behind my cloth napkin until the melee had passed. "Mauricio (I might yell in this scenario) FETCH THE EMERGENCY JET WE OWN TO ESCAPE FROM SOCIALLY UNCOMFORTABLE ENCOUNTERS! WHAT'S THAT? WE DON'T OWN ONE? BUY ONE, AND I SHALL CHRISTEN IT THE AWK-HAWK!" Then I would shatter a bottle of celebratory champagne on the jet and use the leftover bubbly to condition my raven-dark locks, which are the source of all my magicks. 


But there was no escaping the discomfort. I hope you guys didn't like your necks too much, because clearly your shoulders ate it what with all the cringing. The real kicker behind the wine throwing debacle was that there wasn't even a fight acting as prelude to the entire encounter! Why did Brandi hurl wine at Eileen? Because she's really, really, really into the character Eileen plays on Guiding Light. So basically, what we have here is Brandi becoming the creepiest fan on the planet and behaving in a totally inappropriate way with a celebrity she admires.

You guys. She made Eileen Davidson CRY. I turned into Victor Newman (being more a Young and the Restless girl, myself) and was all, "You cannot think to behave to this woman in the way in which you are, okay?" Now imagine I growled that and that there was a lot of unblinking finger-pointing and a serious moustache. Pretty good, right? 

Here's a tip -- if you admire someone, don't bully them into doing something they don't want to do until they are so physically uncomfortable that they turn 10 shades of red. And after that happens, BRANDI, don't decide the best way to defuse the situation is to hurl your backwash into their face

To her credit, Brandi realized that she was one lame cover of "I'll Be Watching You" away from coming across as a total obsessed stalker, and she made good with Eileen. Here's the thing though -- realizing you've done something insane and apologizing for it isn't proof of growth IF YOU KEEP DOING INSANE THINGS. It would be like me breaking a wine glass at a party and apologizing and helping to clean up ... and then breaking eight more, reacting the same way, and being nonplussed when people were like, "Dude, Becca, what the hell man?" I don't think we've seen the last of Brandi's unhinged antics, not by a long shot.

Why do you think Brandi really threw the wine at Eileen?


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