'Little Couple' Finale Recap: Bill Klein Is in Serious Pain for More Than One Reason

The Little Couple Finale

While The Little Couple's Bill Klein's back surgery may have been successful, that doesn't mean it was easy to watch. On tonight's season finale, Bill flew home to his native New York to get a spinal surgery that was two years in the making. It was a stressful, painful, time consuming ordeal. But that was nothing compared to watching Bill struggle when he got home to Houston. The hardest part of his recovery, from my perspective, was trying to explain to his toddler kiddos why daddy couldn't play with them in the way he had before his big operation. Also, he missed their first Halloween! TEAR JERKER ALERT! 


Bill and Jen Klein take almost everything in stride. That's part of what makes watching their show so soothing. Adopt two children from abroad who both require medical attention? Sure, no sweat. Jen gets cancer? No big deal, they get through it. They are a cohesive, mellow family unit. That said, it's been an exceptionally long year for the Klein family, and Bill's prolonged recovery was proof of how even the smoothest customers can let the strain get to them -- and with good reason! 

Bill before and after surgery was like a different person -- in some good ways, sure, he was standing up taller than ever before. But in some tough ways too! Bill, who loves rolling around on the floor with his kids, had to keep William's enthusiastic cuddles at bay! Bill put up a brave front, but you could tell that not being the hands-on Baba that his kids know and adore was almost as painful for him as the surgical recuperation itself. 

I have no doubt that before too long, Bill will be back to his rough and tumble happy self, but this was a bittersweet finale. It was a reminder of just how tough things have been for this resilient clan. I was almost of a mind to be like, "Bill, it's cool, you don't need to make small talk for the benefit of the cameras, go take a nap or something," but I didn't do that. Because talking to your TV is the first solid piece of evidence that a person is insane. Or Elvis. Take your pick, really. I'll miss the Kleins with this season wrapping up, but here's hoping the hiatus gives the whole family the time for the TLC (HA! Network pun) that they need.

What was your favorite moment from this season?


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