Tyler Baltierra Reveals Catelynn Lowell's Breastfeeding Decision

Catelynn LowellWe are so over-the-moon excited for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra to be parents again, we can hardly stand it! The Teen Mom 2 stars famously gave their firstborn to adoption, but now they are the proud parents of little Nova Reign, whom they get to keep all to themselves. Ty took to Twitter on Monday, January 5, to give us all a little update on how things are going.


Catelynn obviously never had the opportunity to breastfeed Carly, so we've been wondering if she'd opt to go that route with her new little one. Most new moms usually want to give it go, although there's no shame in formula either. Whatever works for mom and baby, right?

We have our answer though, thanks to Tyler's sweet post about his "Momma Bear."

Oh my gosh, isn't that the best? Breastfeeding can be so tricky sometimes, and rarely does it feel like a "success" when baby is just a few days old, but if anyone deserves an easy time of it, it's Catelynn.

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She and Ty have been waiting for this little girl for so long -- way longer than the nine months it took for her to get here. It's wonderful to hear that they aren't having a frustrating time nursing. So many moms feel like they have to and then make themselves miserable trying to figure it out instead of opting for a different solution. We hope the breastfeeding bond continues for as long as it works for them!

And speaking of baby Nova news -- it turns out that Nova is short for her full name, Novalee Reign Baltierra, as tweeted by Tyler to a fan to clear up the confusion. What a perfect, beautiful name for their little princess!

Are you surprised Catelynn and Nova took to breastfeeding so easily?


Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

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