'Bachelor' Premiere Recap: Chris Soules' Season Kicks Off With CRAZY Surprises

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Yes! As of tonight, we're officially smack dab in a brand new season of The Bachelor, and might I just say that Chris Soules' first episode most certainly did not disappoint! OMG. The poor farmer didn't sign up for this kind of crazy, am I right?!? These chicks are all about the drama and it's only the first week, so we can only imagine what sorts of wild twists the rest of the season holds in store. Um, let's kick things off by discussing the hugger. What. The. Hell?!?


Britt is all sorts of gorgeous and then some, and Chris obviously doesn't mind her hugging obsession, like at all. But man, it's clear that this gal is going to give him a good dose of trouble with a capital "T." If she can touch him without hyperventilating, that is.

And OMG. Even though she's cute as a button, who else thinks Whitney's voice is basically the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard? How can Chris even stand to talk to her?

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Oh, and the woman who brought the cooler with the fake bloody heart in it (Reegan?) is just plain cray-cray. Yeah. Way to get a guy to notice you. Offer him a cooler full of pure gore.

And don't even get me started on the secret admirer thing. Way to be original, honey. (And the goo-goo eyes. OMG.)

But the best part of the night had to be when the first 15 women to arrive realized they weren't the only chicks vying for Chris' affections. Who else loved the looks on their faces after Chris Harrison announced that there were 15 more gals coming?

Good grief. How could they be so surprised? I mean, what Bachelor in history has ever had only 15 women to choose from? (Maybe they can't count.)

When it came down to the rose ceremony, however, um -- how uncomfortable was the whole bit with the drunk chick, Tara? Good grief, honey. We all enjoy a good whiskey now and then, but get it together -- you're on national television for crying out loud! (And he gave her a rose! WTF?)

Man. It will be interesting to see what kind of insane bullsh** the rest of Chris' season brings given how nuts the premiere was. Damn. Is it next Monday yet?

What did you think of The Bachelor premiere?


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