Chris Harrison's 'Epic' Pick for Next 'Bachelorette' Is Shocking at Best

Chris Harrison Andi Dorfman

Given how much time he spends getting to know the cast members on each season of the show, it's only fitting that he should have some say on who winds up in the driver's seat. But would you believe that Chris Harrison thinks his ex-wife Gwen Harrison could be The Bachelorette? In a new interview with GQ, he said that giving Gwen the gig would make for "epic" television, though he may not have necessarily meant "epic" in a good way.


He said, "It could be like the Hindenberg -- the greatest disaster ever -- but even that would be great TV."

Wow. The "greatest disaster ever"? What part of Gwen being The Bachelorette would be the bigger disaster? Is he referring to him hosting the show and watching her make out (among doing other things) with a bunch of other dudes?

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Or is he somehow insinuating that Gwen doesn't exactly have much game when it comes to men? If that's the case, his words definitely had to sting a little (if she read the GQ interview, of course).

But even though I'm sure Chris was only (half) joking about how his ex would fare with trying to find love on TV, who else is totally curious as to why Chris hasn't thought more seriously about being The Bachelor himself?

OMG. He'd totally nail it and it would definitely be the "most dramatic season ever." Sure, they'd have to find a decent replacement to take over the hosting gig if he was busy dating 25 chicks, but I'm sure ABC is up for the challenge.

Hmm. Maybe we should start a hashtag or something. #ChrisHarrisonForBachelor -- who's with me?

Do you think Chris' comments were offensive to his ex-wife?


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