Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Engagement Rumors Are Swirling!

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer

When it comes to totally adorable Teen Mom couples, we have a few favorites, but OMG -- who else thinks Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are about as cute as it gets? We were so thrilled when she started dating him a few months ago, as it's about time she found a dude who not only treats her right, but also is kind and loving to her daughter Aubree. And over the past few weeks, things between these two have gotten so serious that engagement rumors have started popping up.


But while we'd all be super excited if Chelsea wound up with a ring on her finger at some point in the near future, surprisingly enough, it sounds like marriage is the last thing on her mind. A source told RadarOnline, "She's not getting engaged any time soon. They're not living together either. They are having fun and taking things slow -- unlike Adam and his girlfriends!"

The insider also adds, "Cole is the anti-Adam! He treats Chelsea great and Aubree loves him too!"

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Man. Could their relationship possibly be any more perfect? It can be tough to take things slow when you're totally head over heels for someone. More power to Chel for realizing that it's better to go with the flow and take her time as opposed to pushing for an engagement in the next few months or so.

That being said, so many fans are going to be heartbroken if Chelsea and Cole don't make things permanent at some point down the road. He's such an amazing catch, and we'd love nothing more than to see him, Chelsea, and Aubree as one happy little family!

Do you think Chelsea is smart to take things slow with Cole?


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