'Sister Wives' Season Premiere Recap: Kody Brown Makes a Shocking Decision About His Daughter's Future

sister wives premiere

Sister Wives, the story of a man, his hair, and his four wives, is back for another round. There's a lot going on this season and none of it appears to be creme rinsing (ay oh, ha ha, oh my god does anyone even do that anymore?)! Leaving Kody Brown's hair out of it (with the understanding that I have a shrine to it on my desk), the premiere featured two of the Brown daughters graduating high school.


It's an insane time for the parents as they navigate the transition into having adult children. This was super apparent in Kody's grappling with daughter Mykelti's choice to go into fashion. Suffice to say the dude was not all about it. But his hair, oh, how his hair pined for the catwalks of Milan and Paris. "Sassoon," it whispered in his sleeping ear at night, "John Frieda, Rita Hazan," and Kody's sleep was troubled.

But seriously (said a young female Jerry Seinfeld apparently), as a devout Mormon, obviously Kody was going to have issues with his daughter pursuing a career where it is almost a given that she will be staring at a lot of naked body parts and/or having to try not to make eye contact with Karl Lagerfeld. Little known fact -- if you look at Karl Lagerfeld without his permission, you turn into Janice Dickinson. 

What I respect about Kody (aside from his hair and obvious swagger in the bedroom) is that he does not let his stringent beliefs hamper the dreams of his children. Kody goes so far as to help make sure his daughter gets the access to industry professionals who can help guide her! That's pretty baller.

Does Kody have worries about what the fashion industry will do to his daughter? Totally. But is he going to let those worries create a rift between them? Absolutely not. You might not agree with plural marriage or men of a certain age wearing their hair long, but you've got to admit, he's got this parenting thing on lock. 

What did you think of Kody's decision to support his daughter?


Image via TLC

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