'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Roger Bobb Might Be the Worst Man on the Planet

Demetria RHOA

Reality TV has killed my faith in love. I blame you, Real Housewives of Atlanta! Taking a page from one of my favorite memes, Such betrayal So sadness! Roger Bobb, you'd best check yourself -- because Gocha Hawkins is telling tales on you, son! It occurs to me that if you don't watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that last sentence just reads as borderline nonsense. I promise I'm not having a stroke.

That said, if you don't watch RHOA, you probably don't seek out recaps, and thus my insanity is once again explained away into the shadows. This week, Demetria McKinney's "on again off again" lovah, the infamous Lothario Roger Bob (never trust a man with two names; he probably bathes only in Bond Medicated Powder and cries when he talks about his mom), was blown up at Kandi Burruss's sexy party. If there's a woman in underpants on a table at an event, it is safe to say anything goes and also that someone is probably getting a yeast infection.


Kandi invited the broads to her home to talk about using sex harnesses. NeNe Leakes humored her and I was forced to imagine Gregg Leakes getting stuck inside a sex swing and having to activate his Life Alert. No one wins in the dark world that is my sparkling inner life.

When it comes to entertaining, normally I just have folks over for, like, beers? But I mean, to each their own. As NeNe decided to re-start feuds with Kenya Moore, a cheese wedge, and an idea Porsha Stewart once had, the real drama came from a friend of Kandi's, Gocha. As the women dished about their significant others (kill me for using the word dished, please, someone, kill me or high-five me for irony, your choice), Gocha let the mic drop with the smooth and cool truth: She was dating Roger Bobb when he and Demetria were very much in an "on" period of their courtship. Cue the snickering of all the grown women in the room. Barf. I can't stand the awkward. If I'd been there, I would have been at the back of the room awkwardly eating petit fours while trying to make small talk with the model on the table. 

Doge Meme Roger Bobb

Demetria handled this the way I would have should I be confronted about my man's infidelity at a sexy restraint party -- she sashayed away muttering darkly into the night. I kind of don't get where the animosity toward the chick is coming from. It's Roger Bobb who has been shady, shady, shady, not her. Yet all present seemed to take way too much delight in her obvious pain and discomfort. That's not cool. In an ideal world, the chicks would rise up against Roger Bobb, stripping him of at least one of his two names and leave him disgraced and/or castrated in the basement of Bar One. But since the Housewives love Schadenfreude even more than they love white parties, that won't happen -- and that's a damn shame. 

What would you do in Demetria's position?


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