'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Has Lost Her Mind!

real housewives of beverly hills

This week Brandi Glanville tried once again to get back into Lisa Vanderpump's good graces. She's tried everything, being nice, being funny, being charming, being rational, even! Who would have thought that her Hail Mary play of being as raunchy as is acceptable of cable television would have been the gambit that finally convinced Lisa to go get lunch with her?! I was shocked that after Brandi's obscene joke, Lisa finally cracked. Clearly Lisa misses Brandi more than she has been letting on this season. She was looking for any chance to meet Brandi halfway if she was willing to overlook her former friend's wanton destruction of the foliage and totally gnarly humor. 


Brandi's first attempt to make nice with Lisa came by being a good and gracious hostess when Lisa deigned to show up to her housewarming. Lisa may have been hard about it when interviewed separately, but I mean, come on. You don't go to your enemy's housewarming party -- it was clear from that gesture alone that she wanted to continue renewing Glanville-Vanderpump relations. On a side note, Glanville-Vanderpump sounds like some sort of 18th century European treaty that we were supposed to learn about in school.

With this not-so-subtle hint courtesy of Lisa, Brandi got AGGRESSIVE. She showed up at Lisa's charity event literally ripping apart olive trees to extend literal olive branches to her friend. Girl, that woman had those trees flown in and you wanna mess with them? Uncool. Lisa made a mew of distaste, but you could tell she thought it was slightly funny. A crack in the ice visible, Brandi asked Lisa out to lunch. When Lisa wouldn't commit one way or the other, Brandi said, out of nowhere, "What do you want me to do? Eat your pussy?" You guys. I can't even. I screamed. I think Lisa would have too if the muscles in her face allowed her to make such movements. Brandi's shock and awe campaign WORKED! She's got a lunch with Lisa on the books. But I think this outburst is proof alone of why she and Lisa will never be as close as they once were. Brandi just doesn't know when to stop. 

Do you think Brandi and Lisa will ever make up?


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