Leah Calvert & Jeremy Calvert Are Supposedly Back Together for Real

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Huh. In what is no doubt an effort to capitalize on the five or so minutes of fame she gained by being Jeremy Calvert's "other woman," Brittany Musick is claiming that Jeremy and Leah Calvert are back together, so it looks like she's definitely no longer in contact with him. Seriously people, she's even hired the same entertainment firm that Jenelle Evans uses when people want to book her for media gigs. If nothing else, Brittany has launched a whole new career off of being Jeremy's (almost) steamy hookup.


But let's get back to the whole bit about Jeremy and Leah reconciling. These tweets pretty much sum things up.

And then she followed up with this:

Nah. She's not bitter at all. (Eye roll.)

Huh. Even though we were all pretty sure Leah and Jeremy would wind up going their separate ways, if the chick he was allegedly exchanging sexy text messages with insists he's back with his wife, we should probably believe her. Why would she have any reason to mislead us?

Her admission coupled with Leah's tweets about taking a romantic trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with Jeremy must mean the two of them are committed to their marriage and working things out, so I guess we should be happy for them?

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Regardless of whether or not Leah cheated with Robbie Kidd, or if Jeremy did hook up with other women during their rough patch, we have to give them credit for giving things another chance, especially with all of the negative media attention they've received. I'm sure it would be much easier for them to split and move on with their lives away from prying eyes, though considering how much of their marriage has been shown on Teen Mom 2, I guess they're sort of used to the spotlight.

It will be interesting to see how things play out between them once season 6 premieres. Something tells me we're probably in for a bigger dose of drama and tears than we've ever seen on the show before.

Are you happy that Leah and Jeremy are back together?


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