'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Makes History With Most Insanely Awesome Guess (VIDEO)

wheel of fortuneThere's seriously nothing as good as an insanely improbable, brilliant Wheel of Fortune guess. Okay, maybe being a billionaire would be nice, and world peace, and a good steak, and dying at age 92 in your sleep in otherwise decent health, blah blah blah, but your mind just can't help but be blown when a Wheel of Fortune contestant is able to think of an answer with just a couple of letters on the board and an impossibly vague category. Right? Right. Sure. And one contestant made Wheel of Fortune history by doing just that! Come on, that's pretty impressive.


Matt DeSanto appeared on the show on Friday, December 26. He was so good at guessing, he even impressed host Pat Sajak by coming up with these mind-blowing answers. You'd have to be made of stone to not be impressed by this guy.

Just check out how DeSanto solves a 13-letter puzzle with ONE letter "E" on the board. The dude got the answer on his very first try!

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"I don't want to cause trouble at home, but I think there's a connection with you and Vanna," Sajak joked.

Seriously! Someone had to be sleeping with someone else to get these kinds of answers right!

Take a look for yourself:

What the?????

Of course, with that kind of genius, he solved every other puzzle before the bonus round, making a record-breaking $91,892, the most in the show's 39 years on air. (You kind of can't help but feel sorry for the other contestants.)

It was the show's first sweep since 2011, and according to TODAY.com, DeSanto is also the first contestant to have topped $70,000 before heading into the bonus round. He, shockingly, however, failed to get the answer right in the bonus round. Hard to believe, isn't it?

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Asked if he did anything to prepare before being on the show, the Pennsylvania resident told TODAY, "Maybe some extra crossword puzzles. I tried not to overthink it too much."

Too bad DeSanto didn't win the bonus round to cap off an extraordinary run, but this is still pretty amazing. Congratulations to him -- and that extra $91,000 most certainly brightened up his holiday season!

Do you still watch Wheel of Fortune? Any favorite horrible/awesome guesses?


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