Nikki Ferrell Takes One Last Painful Stab at Juan Pablo Galavis

Nikki Ferrell

Their relationship has been over for a few months now, but apparently Nikki Ferrell's split from Juan Pablo Galavis is still weighing heavy on her mind. We were pretty sure she'd moved on with a new man even though she has yet to disclose any details on him, and based on a new quote she shared on Instagram? If she is in love with someone special, she wants Juan Pabs to know he could never, EVER measure up to this dude.



A photo posted by Nikki Ferrell (@nikki_ferrell) onDec 12, 2014 at 10:40pm PST


Mediocre love? O-U-C-H!!!

Seriously, out of all of the words you can use to throw shade at a person, "mediocre" has to be the absolute worst. It's just so devoid of emotion, you know? It's not horrible. But it's definitely not good. It's just ... mediocre, and mediocre flat out SUCKS.

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But let's shift gears here and talk about the whole "I want to drown in someone" bit. Um, who else is totally feeling her? I mean, shouldn't we all be striving for having love in our lives that's totally encompassing? Good for her for setting the bar much higher this time around and refusing to settle for a guy who only wants to be with her on his terms.

Whether Nikki has already found her dude to drown in or not, at least it appears as though her split from Juan Pabs had at least one positive aspect, as far as making her realize what she wants and deserves in a relationship goes. As crazy as it sounds, signing up for The Bachelor just might be the smartest move she's ever made in the love department. If nothing else, dating one of the biggest d-bags in history probably makes anyone who's remotely better seem like the catch of the century.

Are you happy that Nikki has moved on from Juan Pablo?


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