Jenelle Evans & Amber Portwood's New Feud Is Their Nastiest Yet!

Jenelle Evans Amber Portwood

Well? They may have (sort of) kissed and made up on the Teen Mom "Ask the Moms" Special, but now that Jenelle Evans has slammed Amber Portwood's love life? Yeah, it's probably safe to go ahead and put these two right back in the "enemies" category. Even though she seems happy and in love, Amber's new, much older boyfriend has been known to bash other stars of the Teen Mom shows on Twitter in the past, so it seems kind of strange that Amber doesn't have any qualms about being in the relationship.


In response to a tweet put out by RadarOnline with a link to their article on Amber's boyfriend, Matthew Baier, being a Teen Mom super fan, Jenelle said, "To date a man as pathetic as that is sad. I'm sure the relationship won't last the way he acts, probably treats her the same!"

Damn. Tell us how you really feel, Jenelle.

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Not surprisingly, Amber didn't respond to Jenelle's little diss, instead choosing to tell her followers she was "in no mood" for any sort of arguing since she's still grieving the loss of her father. (Can't fault her for that one.)

Ugh. Why can't these two just get along already? They're both grown women, for crying out loud. Given the negative attention they've received for fighting in the past, you'd think they could put their differences aside and/or just leave each other the hell alone.

But I guess we really can't blame Jenelle for thinking this Matthew dude is a loser, you know, since he slammed her to pieces on Twitter over and over again. If someone said such horrible things about you, wouldn't you question why anyone would choose to date them?

Hmm. Even though they do their best to be civil to each other when the cameras are rolling, we probably shouldn't count on Jenelle and Amber being besties at any point in the near or distant future. And as for their ongoing feud, something tells me this won't be the last time they come to blows.

Do you think Jenelle has a right to bash Amber for dating Matthew?


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