Leah Calvert's Upcoming Plans With Jeremy Are Surprising at Best


Leah Calvert

Huh. We were all pretty convinced that their marriage is totally over, but if that's the case, then why is Leah Calvert planning a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Jeremy Calvert to enjoy a little bit of romantic time away together? A couple days ago, she put a call out to her Twitter followers to help her with recommendations for a cabin, because she and Jeremy "lost touch" with the woman they used to rent from.


And while she did receive plenty of responses with links to chalets and cozy little spots in the Smoky Mountains, others think it's kind of strange that she wouldn't just Google "Gatlinburg cabins," or whatever, in an effort to find the perfect spot for a rendezvous with her man.

You see where I'm going with this, right? Duh. Some folks figure Leah is simply trying to convince everyone that her marriage isn't in jeopardy, hence the tweets about the upcoming trip.

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I guess given how much mystery surround the status of her marriage these days, it isn't all that impossible to believe that Leah is merely putting on a brave face in an effort to keep prying eyes out of her business. But why would she set herself up for people questioning why the Gatlinburg trip isn't happening if her plans aren't totally legit?

Maybe she and Jeremy really are giving it one more shot by skipping town and putting their relationship to the test. They can't exactly run from their problems if they're holed up in a cabin together for a few days, so this might be exactly what they need to figure out once and for all whether they should stay together.

Who knows ... maybe they'll take this little getaway on, or fairly soon after New Year's? If so, there's a chance we could see Jeremy and Leah come back better and stronger than ever in 2015. (Fingers crossed?)

Do you think Leah and Jeremy are really going away together?


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