Leah Calvert Breaks Her Silence on Stolen Money Rumors

Leah Calvert

Wow. That was fast. Usually when vicious rumors pop up about her, she does her best to avoid her social media channels. But after a report came out yesterday saying Leah Calvert swiped $50,000 from her daughter's trust fund, she clearly couldn't resist speaking up to set the record straight. I mean, having someone claim that you stole money from your disabled child is enough to make any mother totally fly off the handle, which is why we're a little surprised by Leah's response to the story.


She started off with this tweet:

And then she followed up by saying:

Ha! Don't you love how she threw in a little dig against the person who started the rumor? (You tell 'em, honey!) And good for her for managing to remain so calm!

Aren't you proud of Leah for sticking up for herself this time around? The woman has taken beating after beating in the media lately, so it's about time she defended herself right away instead of hiding and remaining silent.

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And even though I'm sure there are people who will still buy into the rumor and believe she drained Ali's account, the fact that she has no qualms about shooting down the claim is all the proof we need that it's totally untrue. If she'd really stolen money, why would she even bother implying that it still exists?!?

Exactly. She wouldn't.

Let's hope Leah can make it through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without anyone else trying to smear her reputation. Hey, maybe she'll even get lucky and Santa will be extra good to her this year. It's about time she caught a break already.

Do you believe Leah?


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