Chris Soules Basically Ruins 'The Bachelor' Ending in One Telling Sentence

Chris Soules

Unless you're the type of fan who can't resist reading Reality Steve's spoilers each season, you're probably pretty psyched for the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor on January 5th. Hey, if nothing else, it gives us all something to look forward to after the holidays, plus, let's go ahead and state the facts -- Chris Soules is all sorts of easy on the eyes. Seriously, whatta hunk. (Do people even say hunk anymore? Whatever.)


And aside from his crazy good looks, he's also such a gentleman and seems so sincere, which is a hell of a lot more than we can say for the last Bachelor whose name we won't even bother mentioning. (Ees ok.)

Even though we're guaranteed to see a decent dose of drama this time around, simply because you can't put that many women in a house together without something going down, we definitely have high hopes that our hot farmer will change the course of the show for the better.

But one thing's for sure, this dude definitely isn't subtle, and he totally wears his heart on his sleeve.

In a new interview with People, Chris dished on the outcome of the final rose ceremony, and what he had to say pretty much gives away the ending.

I am happy I did it. I don't think I could get through that again, [but] I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I'm happy to say I'm in love. That's pretty crazy!

Yep. He's in love. And since he's such a genuine guy, it will probably be very easy to tell who his chosen lady is as soon as he falls for her. And if he's in love, he's likely engaged, and OMG why didn't he offer a little more suspense about how things turned out?!?

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He should've just left it at the "extremely happy with the outcome" part, because now we all know the rose ceremony will be super classic with him getting down on one knee and proposing and whoever the winner is covering her mouth in shock while the tears flow like wine.

Oh, who the hell cares? We still can't wait to tune in and see how Chris' romance with his future wife plays out. Odds are good he'll pick out the cream of the crop to bring back to Iowa.

Do you think Chris' season will be the best yet?


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