'The Little Couple' Recap: Zoey's Birthday Party Has a Surprising Effect on Jen Arnold

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Jen Arnold is a great mom. Anyone who has watched even one episode of The Little Couple knows that. When it comes to her kids, Jen will move mountains! Last year, she journeyed to Indian and stayed put even though it meant her own physical well-being was at risk. Watching Jen stick it abroad last season even though she was battling cancer was a testimony to just how much motherhood meant to her. That all paid off on tonight's episode, when she and Bill celebrated Zoey's third birthday. 


This year Zoey's third birthday was important. And sure, every birthday a kid celebrates with their family is important, but Zoey's third birthday carried extra weight. That's because it wasn't just her first official birthday with her adoptive family, but it was also Jen's first celebration with her family since her cancer went into remission. She underplayed this for the cameras, but any fan of the show knows that her fight for her life was grueling. Seeing her have an opportunity to savor her time with her family? That was worth its weight in gold - or miniature horses. I loved the 'farm' theme Jen planned for Zoey's special day! Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the party, I couldn't even fault Jen for micromanaging things - even if that meant compiling a 14 page party planning outlining for her family. 

Since Will is so clearly a daddy's boy, it was awesome to see Jen enjoy her time in the sun. She planned the perfect party for her daughter Zoey. The farm theme (Zoey's favorite song is Old McDonald) totally paid off! Zoey was on cloud nine! But the sweetest moment of the entire episode was watching Zoey and Jen ride around on a pony cart together. The bond they've been able to forge over this past year is truly remarkable. A birthday party will come and go, but the memory of the bond forged between mother and daughter? That's going to last a lifetime. Lest we fear that Will was left out, he was a natural when it came to pony-riding, mounting his pony like a professional jockey. Will's got speed racing in his future for sure! 

Did you think Jen went overboard with party planning?


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