Leah Calvert Accused of Doing the Unthinkable to Her Daughter Ali

Leah Calvert and daughters

Ugh. In what has to be about the nastiest rumor to pop up about her yet, In Touch magazine is reporting that Leah Calvert stole $50,000 from her daughter Ali's trust fund, which was apparently supposed to be used for either college tuition, or to support her ongoing medical needs. An insider claims that Leah "totally drained" the account, and supposedly her ex, Corey Simms, recently found out about the missing cash.


The source says, "He's furious that Ali's future has been wiped away, and he's seeing what he can do to get the money back."

Huh. I know she's had more than her fair share of problems lately, but do you honestly believe that Leah would take money not only from one of her daughters, but from a child who suffers from muscular dystrophy? If anyone knows the kind of financial strain that comes along with the condition, it's Leah, so why would she go and blow all that money when she'll likely need it at a later date?

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Yeah, yeah, I know there are those rumors about her having a substance abuse problem, which would explain her her disregard for her daughter's money. But we don't have any proof that those allegations are true, so what other incentive would there be for her to totally wipe out a trust fund?

Honestly, considering it seems like rumor after rumor keeps popping up about Leah, it almost appears as if someone (or more than one person) is out to completely ruin her using any means necessary. Seriously, how much drama can possibly surround one person before it starts becoming next to impossible to believe?

Sigh. Poor Leah. Hopefully she can manage to get through the holidays without paying too much attention to what people are saying about her online. She certainly deserves to enjoy a Merry Christmas with her girls just as much as anyone.

Do you believe Leah took that money?


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