Adam Lind Dating a Married Woman Surprises Exactly No One

Adam Lind

Has Adam Lind ever been single? Because it seems like his relationships are always overlapping. I mean, it was just weeks ago that Brooke Beaton was hitting him with domestic stalking charges, but now we're finding out that the Teen Mom 2 star has wasted no time moving on -- and with a married woman no less!


According to sources, Lind, 23, has been quietly seeing 26-year-old Danielle Nord. The mom-of-two is also a South Dakota native, and although Adam claims they're only friends, an insider said they're definitely romantically involved.

"They've been on and off for about a year, when Adam wasn't with a girlfriend," the source revealed to Radar Online. "Now they are 'on' and taking things slow."

Gee, wonder why Adam's relationships never work out? Girls really don't like to hear, "We were on a break!"

Anyway. Adam posted a photo of himself and Danielle wrapping Christmas gifts to his private Facebook wall on December 18, and texts between the two declaring their love for each other have emerged.

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"I will always love you Danielle Nicole Anderson," he said on December 19, using her maiden name. Thing might be over between Danielle and her soon-to-be-ex-husband, but she is apparently still very much legally married,

She and her husband Luke have been married since 2009, but sources say it's been very back and forth for the last year, and they are currently separated.

"It's a very complicated situation," the insider said. "But Danielle is moving toward divorce now. She and Adam have something special."

Sorry, but it's so hard to buy that he has something "special" with this girl. The dude can't even drive, thanks to his multiple arrests involving DUIs, not to mention the fiery car crash he was in last February. It's no wonder that he's involved in custody battles with Chelsea Houska, mother to 5-year-old Aubree, and Taylor Halbur, with whom he fathered 15-month-old Paislee.

The best thing Adam could probably do right now is just stop dating, and focus on being the best dad he can be to these two little girls.

Do you think Adam Lind is making a mistake dating a married woman?


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