Amber Portwood's New Boyfriend Just Keeps Getting Worse & Worse

Amber Portwood

Man. If it wasn't bad enough when we learned that Amber Portwood's new boyfriend, Matthew Baier, is nearly 20 years older than she is and has a pretty shady past, now it looks as though she has yet another reason to question whether or not this relationship is the real deal, not to mention remotely healthy for her. Even though she really does seem hopelessly in love with this dude, what with getting matching tattoos with him and all, he may be dating her for a seriously wrong reason.


Get this one -- apparently Matthew is somewhat of a Teen Mom superfan, and has been harassing the cast of the shows on Twitter for quite some time before hooking up with Amber.

Tweeting under the handle @mattbEPT, he attacked Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith over and over again, saying things like:

And here's another gem:

Oh, and supposedly he even went after poor Kailyn Lowry, tweeting, "Kailyn's face breaks my TV."

Um, what the hell is wrong with this dude? (Who says things like that?)

I'm sure he's laying on the charm like crazy as far as wooing Amber is concerned, but it really does seem like he's a little too obsessed with the cast of the shows, especially given that he's a 43-year-old father of two.

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Now that she's cleaned up her act and is obviously a responsible human being, we all want nothing more than for Amber to be happy, but she should probably have her guard up BIG time when it comes to this dude's intentions with her.

I mean, it just seems a little odd that he managed to wind up dating someone from an MTV show he's obviously obsessed with, so it's only natural for us to wonder whether or not his feelings for Amber are legit.

Time will tell whether or not he really loves her for her, not because she's ... Amber Portwood from Teen Mom, ya know?

Do you think this guy is good for Amber?


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