New 'Teen Mom 2' Love Triangle Is So Bizarre It'll Make Your Head Spin

Brittany Musick Leah Calvert

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to take a load off before hearing the latest insane drama to come out of the Teen Mom 2 world, because it's pretty crazy, so say the least. Remember Brittany Musick? You know, the chick Jeremy Calvert almost hooked up with not too long after rumors about him divorcing Leah Calvert popped up? Yeah, well apparently Jeremy isn't the only reality TV dad this gal has her sights set on.


As bizarre as this "coincidence" is, Brittany is also friends with Adam Lind on Facebook, and she admits that the two of them have also been doing Snapchats.

(I know. You can't make this stuff up, people!)

Apparently Adam is the one who friend requested her, but now they're all chummy and she's defending the friendship on Twitter, and she's also insisting that she never wanted to date Jeremy, she simply wanted to "hang out" with him.

(Yeah. If that's the case, why in the heck did he supposedly send her a picture of his ding-dong?)

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Damn. What is it with this gal and all the Teen Mom 2 dads going ga-ga for her? Somehow I'm guessing the only reason Adam contacted her is because he's heard about her conversations with Jeremy and figures she's a sure thing, though something tells me pursuing her from South Dakota isn't exactly going to prove successful.

And as far as Brittany is concerned, I'm sure she's loving every second of her new found 15-minutes of fame, even though it's landed her smack dab in the middle of someone else's marriage, in addition to linking her to the baddest bad boy to ever come out of the MTV series.

Hmm. At the rate she's going, maybe there's a chance she'll make a cameo on a Season 6 episode. I wonder whose company she'll turn up in?

Do you think Brittany is flirting with the Teen Mom 2 dads to try and be on the show?


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