Mackenzie Douthit Proudly Shows Off Belly After Pregnancy Rumors Surface

Mackenzie Douthit

No one will exactly be all that shocked if she and Josh McKee decide to add another child to their family eventually, which is why some fans were especially intrigued after Mackenzie Douthit shared a photo of herself wearing a shirt that's a lot more billowy than things she normally wears. Some folks automatically assumed that Mackenzie is pregnant with her third child, and that's why she shared another picture earlier today with her mid-section on display for the world to see.


Here's the "pregnant" shot:


Last minute Christmas shopping with my blonde babes... @channyraye @jesilynnesimpson @darcichey

A photo posted by Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee (@mackenzietaymckee) onDec 12, 2014 at 6:29pm PST


And here's Mackenzie's followup of her bare abs (and insane arms).


Since everyone's saying I look pregnant in the last pic I thought I'd post another pic of my gross manly 95 pound body #yourwelcome

A photo posted by Mackenzie (Douthit) Mckee (@mackenzietaymckee) onDec 12, 2014 at 8:20am PST


Well? I guess we can go ahead and rule out there being another little McKee on the way. And for the record, can I please just say that there is absolutely nothing remotely gross or manly about this woman's body? (Gah. Haters gonna hate.)

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You gotta love the blatant way she put an end to the rumors too. Nothing quite says "in your face" like showing off your six-pack and totally fit physique to the world.

That being said, who else kind of hopes the next time pregnancy rumors involving Mackenzie pop up, they actually turn out to be true? She and Josh clearly make some gorgeous little kiddos, so we really can't help but get excited about them having another one.

Do you think Mackenzie looks pregnant in that first photo?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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