Jenelle Evans' Latest Photo of Kaiser Has People Seriously Concerned

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser

Oh, man. She HAD to know she was setting herself up for all sorts of Twitter crazy with this one. Jenelle Evans shared a totally innocent photo of her son Kaiser asleep in his car seat, and of course, the Internet is freaking out because OMG she's totally putting her kid in danger again. I should probably mention that the fact that he's sleeping in the car isn't what has people all riled up. Nope. After seeing the photo, you'll understand immediately why some folks are all sorts of concerned for the baby's well-being.


Yep. The bottle in his mouth is apparently a huge no-no for some. From people assuming his teeth are going to rot and fall out to others who insist there's a choking risk, once again, Jenelle cannot do anything right when it comes to her child, at least as far as the online community is concerned.

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Oh, for crying out loud! She may not do everything perfectly (because no mom does), but can't Jenelle share a photo of her baby where he's all cuddly and adorable and sleeping without the world assuming she's putting him in harm's way?!? She probably snapped the shot fairly quickly and then took the bottle away, or considering it's partially out of his mouth as it is, I'm sure as soon as he was fully asleep, it fell right out.

Not too long after posting the pic, she obviously realized she'd stepped in it, and followed up with this message.

Yeah. It's probably best not to go there, Jenelle. Besides, whatever excuse you give will just give your haters yet another thing to pick apart and criticize you for.

Do you think Jenelle is harming Kaiser by letting him have that bottle in the car?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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