New 'Bachelor' Sneak Peek Is So Embarrassing It'll Make You Cringe!​

chris soules premiereThe ladies of The Bachelor have never lacked that certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to romancing the leading man. Sean Lowe was once surprised by a bride, and Clare Crawley greeted Juan Pablo with a fake baby bump. All true and cringingly real stories. And when Chris Soules' season premieres on January 5, we'll be greeted with one seriously sleazy and cheesy pickup line that gives us major secondhand embarrassment.


Kaitlyn, 29, a dance instructor from Vancouver, BC, delivered perhaps the most punny and bold opening line we've ever heard. Just listen for yourself. You'll know when you hear it:

"You can plow my field any day."

There. You. Go. In case you were wondering what's on the lady's mind, she's made it quite clear.

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Listen, we get it. It's all about that initial moment and making the one-on-one time count. Hey, there's a first impression rose to consider here.

But seriously, we can't help but completely cringe at her first line delivery. Sure, it's quirky, certainly memorable, and very fitting (those Prince Farmer promos are really all about Chris' Iowan charm), but yowza, that made us blush.

But what better way to stand out in a crowd of 20-some ladies than with a well-placed sexual pun? She's got that down.

What did you think of the line?


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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