Jeremy Calvert's Rebound Hookup Was WAY More X-Rated Than We Thought

We thought it was a little strange desperate when Leah Calvert reached out to her husband Jeremy Calvert's alleged mistress Brittany Musick, but hey, sometimes a girl needs to uncover the truth. Now that the text messages between the Teen Mom 2 star and the "other woman" have been revealed, and all we can say is that Leah must be absolutely devastated.


The ladies communicated via direct message on Twitter on December 5, with Leah reaching out to find out the truth about jeremy's infidelity. "He wants to come home tomorrow," the reality star messaged. "I'm just asking if you guys did meet? All you have to say Brittany is yes or no."

She continued, "This isn't about him you or myself this involves my babies and I'm sure you know that feeling." Musick, 27, is a single mom to her 16-month-old son Kai.

"No, we was planning to," Musick responded. "Just didn’t get too cause he was working so much." Well that's a familiar tale, isn't it? Jeremy's crazy work schedule was a source of much contention between himself and Leah during their two-year marriage.

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Brittany also revealed that Jeremy had led her to believe that he and Leah were completely over already, and she'd been in the dark about the fact that Leah was still wanting to work things out. "He told me that y'all was done, he filed for divorce," she confessed, before revealing the bombshell, "He sent me pictures of his d***!"

Dude. Don't do that! Brittany did say that they only talked on the phone once or twice, but I'm pretty sure sending pictures of your junk to someone other than your wife still counts as infidelity.

"To even think I had sex with my husband during this," Leah lamented. "I want to thank you for being honest."

Musick told In Touch that Leah later called her wayward husband's behavior "embarrassing," and admitted "she didn't know what to do." After Brit forwarded the picture to Leah, she sighed, "Yes ma'am ... that would be my husband."

Ugh -- poor Leah! Jeremy needs to man up and pull the trigger on that marriage. Sources say he's been hesitating because of his family's stance against divorce, but come on. Cheating on your spouse because you don't want to be married to them, but not letting them go because you're afraid of the stigma of divorce just a super crappy thing to do, and it hurts everyone involved.

Hopefully Leah gets it through her head that it's no fun being married to someone who doesn't want to be married to you, and she can move on with her life. We really do want to see that girl happy and in a healthy relationship!

Do you think Jeremy's sexts with Brittany count as infidelity?


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