Jenelle Evans Accused of Cruelly Shunning Nathan Griffith's Daughter

Jenelle Evans

Well? It's official! Some people can do exactly nothing right no matter how hard they try to be good, decent human beings. Out of all of the things she's been slammed for in the past, would you believe that some folks are accusing Jenelle Evans of excluding Nathan Griffith's daughter Emery from celebrating Christmas with the family? Yep. There are actually haters who think Jenelle is not only intentionally trying to leave Emery out of the fun, but who also think she's giving baby Kaiser the short end of the stick too.


And here's the tweet that got everyone all fired up.

I know ... stockings? What's so scandalous about her looking for stockings? Apparently some people think it's odd that she hasn't bothered to purchase them for Emery and Kaiser yet, which led some to believe she wasn't including them in the holiday.

Um, I'm sorry, but this has to be about the biggest bunch of bologna I've ever heard, even though this is Jenelle we're talking about.

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If anything, the fact that she's excited about buying new stockings for Kaiser and Emery just goes to show how thrilled she is to have all of the children celebrating Christmas together, so how on earth can anyone see this as a negative thing?

Given how full her plate has been over the past few months, it's not like she's had a lot of time to go holiday shopping. Can't we cut her a little bit of slack, for crying out loud? Isn't the Christmas season a time when we should give people the benefit of the doubt instead of automatically assuming the worst? (Gah.)

Do you honestly think Jenelle had any intention of excluding Emery from Christmas?


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