'The Little Couple' Season Premiere Recap: Bill & Jen's Parenting Skills Put Others to Shame

the little couple

Oh man. Color me pumped. The Little Couple is back on TLC, and I could maybe not be more excited or more emotional. Bill and Jen Arnold are sending their two adorable tots Zoey and William to school! Gah! I can't handle all of the cute and the passage of time! And Zoey's sass! And William's hilarious toddler attitude! Cut out my heart and leave it on a table. I have no use for it now! It has been overwhelmed by the cuteness! That said, the season premiere wasn't all smiles and giggles and stealing crackers from the pantry (though those are all things that happened). Bill realized that William is having a tough time at school and his reaction was totally heart-rending. 


Bill was floored to learn that William, so energetic and loud and sociable at home, spent most of his first day in a classroom weeping for his mother and father. When Bill asked him if he made any friends, he said no. It was clear William's first day had been a bust, and watching Bill and Jen both grapple with that was tough to watch.

That said, they handled it like absolute troopers. Bill had a hard time finding the right words to soothe Will. But he realized something really important: Will might associate going away to school with the orphanage in China where he was living before he was adopted. Watching Bill as he realized that Will's feelings were potentially more than first day jitters was really hard to do, especially because of the special bond the duo shares -- Will is totally a daddy's boy and the feeling is mutual. 

It was great when Jen took the wheel, explaining to Will that when he goes to school for the day, no matter what, he gets to come home and hang out with his parents. Whether or not what's going on with Will is that he's really having memories of the orphanage, it was such a great parenting moment, and you can tell that little Will felt reassured, even if he isn't quite old enough to express that.

What did you think of how Bill and Jen handled Will's first day?

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