'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards Has Come Such a Long Way

Kim Richards

I can't believe how far Kim Richards has come over the past few years. If you'd told me even a year ago that I'd be watching her tearfully and proudly walk her daughter down the aisle, I would have had a hard time believing it. Kim's history of addiction has been well-chronicled on the show -- some might say maybe even too much so. I honestly thought she'd be long gone by now -- not in a morbid way, but off the show. The fact that she got to be such a proud, happy mama was extra special because of the struggles she's been through. 


Frankly, the entire wedding was like something out of a Lifetime movie. I mean, the fact that Kim's sweet ex-husband Monty was there, battling cancer, Kim's charming reflections on how crazy-fast the time seems to have flown for her as a mom, not even Kathy Hilton's dour appearance could ruin the day. I am so glad that in a television universe defined by its drama, Kim got to take a time-out and celebrate with her daughter. 

Admittedly, the whole thing went off with a bang in large part because Kim had the good sense not to make the whole thing about her. If she'd been in any way egotistical, she could have totally wigged at Kyle Richards for calling THE DAY OF THE WEDDING to ask what the men were supposed to wear. Frankly, and I hate being this person, but I thought it was a little bit thunder-stealing of Kyle to breeze in for her niece's wedding fresh off a week of yachting. Like, we get it, Kyle, you have money. Lots of it. 

Can we all agree that Kyle has been weird about her sister's kid getting married from go? She's been really competitive! She keeps pointing out how Kim "won" whose daughter was going to get married first -- like it was a game. Add to that how she keeps creepily pointing out how relaxed she is not having to be in the wedding anyway. It's like, methinks the lady doth protest too much, Kyle. Thankfully, Kim and her passion for turtles did not let any of this harsh her happy-mama mellow.

What did you think of Kyle's behavior?


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