Truth About Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Is Scarier Than We Ever Imagined

Amber PortwoodOh lordy. We may have found the reason behind Amber Portwood's secrecy when it comes to her mystery man. The Teen Mom star has been tweeting about her love for the past couple of months, even sharing a pic of her named inked across the inside of his entire forearm (in addition to their matching wrist tattoos).


It turns out that her rumored bae has a long history of criminal activity ... and by long, we mean going back to the time she was a baby, because he is apparently 19 years older than her. Whoa. 

Multiple sources have confirmed to Radar Online that Amber has been seeing Boston native Matthew Baier seriously for about three months, and she is "obsessed" with keeping him out of the public eye. The man has a somewhat shady past, including arrests and some substantial financial problems.

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Court documents show that Baier was arrested for issuing checks without funds in North Dakota's Cass County. Records showing his sentencing have been destroyed, but he did plead guilty.

A year later, Amber's new man pleaded guilty to "driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and driving without liability insurance" and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

1994 brought an assault charge, which he also pleaded guilty to. 1995 -- another bounced check case, although in all fairness, this one was ultimately dismissed.

Then he goes off the radar for a bit but resurfaces in 2006 when he was issued a federal tax lien in Massachusetts for $28,543. That is not chump change, people. The lien was dismissed in 2008.

Look. This guy could be a total gem. People do change, right? I mean, look at Amber. She seems to have totally turned her life around after spending 17 months behind bars for drug abuse. Let's just hope she has her head on straight about this guy -- we'd hate to see her throw everything she's worked so hard for down the drain for a man.

Are you worried for Amber Portwood with this guy?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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