'Glee' Final Season Trailer Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)

Lea Michele

Are you ready Gleeks? The final season of Glee is almost here! It premieres Friday, January 9 on FOX, and the trailer is hot off the presses for your viewing pleasure. After a rough few seasons between the untimely death of star Cory Monteith and too much of the "new" New Directions and not enough of the New York-centric story lines focusing on Rachel, Kurt, and Santana -- you're in for a treat!


Check out the trailer where it seems most of the action takes place back where it all started at McKinley High School. Most of the original gang is back to do the things they love most, from singing to cheering to torturing Sue Sylvester. Plus, is that Blaine back with the Warblers?

Let me just say that I was definitely of the mindset that last season should have been the last. Series creator Ryan Murphy even admitted he knew exactly how he wanted the show to end and that the last scene should have featured Rachel and Finn finding their way back to each other. Sadly we know why that scene won't happen, so it seemed like more of a reason to end early.

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But watching this trailer gave me big-time chills. Does anyone else love that Lea Michele singing "Let It Go" is so perfect since Frozen's Elsa, aka Idina Menzel, plays her mom on Glee too? Since this season goes back to the halls of McKinley where we all fell in love with the New Directions, then I trust that this last season will do right by the fans and give us closure on the show we love!

Are you looking forward to the final season of Glee?


Image via gleeonfox/Instagram

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