Leah Calvert's Marriage Status Gets Even More Bizarre After Twins' Birthday Party

Leah Calvert and daughters

Things are definitely starting to head in a more positive direction for her now that her custody battle with Corey Simms is over, but considering the fact that Leah Calvert threw a birthday party for the twins and Jeremy Calvert was nowhere in sight, it looks as though her marriage woes have yet to diminish. She held the girls' 5th birthday party at a local roller rink, and while they clearly had a wonderful time, it's hard to ignore Jeremy's absence.


But what's even more bizarre is that Leah seems to be going out of her way to reassure everyone that things are still hunky-dory between them. She posted the following message on her Facebook page in response to fans questioning Jeremy's whereabouts:

Yes, Jeremy Lynn and I are still together. I was with him the night before close to his job. He had to work and could not make it to the girls' birthday party. We were thinking of him as he was thinking of us and we missed him dearly but we knew he was doing what he had to for us. xoxo

Huh. Okkkkkkk.

The night before the party, this message turned up on Twitter, and now we're officially confused as to what is really going on with Leah and Jeremy.

Ugh. I know she has a right to keep her private life private and all, but given that she is returning to Teen Mom 2 for season 6, at some point we're going to find out the truth about whether or not she and Jeremy plan on staying married.

And if it turns out that the two of them really are divorcing? It's probably in Leah's best interests to either fess up to the rumors or at least refrain from so much as mentioning Jeremy's name at all on social media. The last thing she needs is to get herself caught in a web of lies she'll never be able to escape from.

Do you think Leah and Jeremy are still together?


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