Chelsea Houska Shares Her Hottest Selfie to Date

Chelsea Houska

It's no big secret that 2014 has been pretty damn kind to Chelsea Houska, what with her career taking off and, of course, finding a new man who makes her happy and gives her the love and respect she deserves. And if her upbeat, positive attitude wasn't enough to convince us that she's in a really great place in her life right now, then the fact that she's never looked better physically is certainly a good indicator.


Check out this new selfie Chelsea shared on Instagram, which just might be the sexiest pic we've ever seen of her.



A photo posted by @chelseahouska onDec 12, 2014 at 2:09pm PST


Whoa!! I know she kind of has her hands full these days, but Chel really ought to think about doing a little modeling on the side to bring in a few extra bucks. Doesn't she look stunning in this photo?

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Man, Cole sure is one lucky dude, though something tells me he already knows that. Based on just how serious things have become between him and Chel, it's obvious that he has exactly no intention of letting her get away anytime soon. Check out this other brand new pic that Chel shared of Cole and Aubree. Don't they look like the cutest, happiest little family?


Oh my goodness I love these two â�ºï¸ï¿½

Ein von @chelseahouska gepostetes Foto amDez 12, 2014 at 11:48 PST


What do you think of Chelsea's latest selfie?


Image via Twitter

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