'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kandi Burruss Needs to Speak Up

kandi burruss

Just when I thought Kandi Burruss was about to step up and have a real conversation with Mama Joyce, she disappointed me deeply by not just avoiding the problem, but making it EVEN WORSE. Kandi joined her hubby Todd "THE BRONX" Tucker (he can buy me Tims any day, ya heard) in New York to visit his mama. Once they all sat down to dinner, Todd's mom made it clear that she thinks Joyce owes her an apology for calling her a whore. More than once. To be real, over and over again. Kandi was all *shrug* *eyeroll* -- and that, my friends, is not okay!


I get that Kandi's relationship with her mother is deep and complex. Hell, the woman wrote a damned musical about how deep and complex her relationship with her mother is -- we get it! But there's something fundamental that I wish someone could explain to Kandi (if she were willing to hear it): You can love someone and they can do something wrong. You can love someone and still be angry at them. If your mom repeatedly calls your mother-in-law a whore, you're allowed to say, "Mom that's not okay. I need you to apologize, and if you don't, we're going to have to talk about that."

Kandi lets her mother get away with everything -- this is just the most recent disrespect she's shown her daughter. I think Kandi is so bighearted and funny and generous and kind. I totally appreciate what a major role family plays in her life, that's inspirational and not something you see a lot of nowadays (said the 80-year-old woman), but it's not healthy for her to allow her mother to throw tantrums and hold her an emotional hostage. It's definitely put her in a shitty position with both her husband AND her mother-in-law. Kandi, the time to speak up is now!

What would you do if you were Kandi?


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