An Adam Lind & Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Is the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Adam LindShaking. My. Head. There are precious few things I want to see less in the world than Teen Mom stars Adam Lind and Farrah Abraham getting it on. According to In Touch Weekly, Adam wants to get into the porn industry, and he wants to do it with the backdoor queen of really bad sex tapes herself, Ms. Farrah.


A source told the mag, "Adam is eager to get into the porn world and thinks that Farrah would make the perfect partner ... Adam loves what Farrah has done with her Teen Mom career."

Um, her Teen Mom career sort of got destroyed by the whole porn/sex toy thing. They uninvited her back to the show, remember? And it wasn't because she didn't wear pink on Wednesdays.

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Apparently Adam has dollar signs in his eyes (maybe to pay his legal fees for those domestic stalking charges? Or for new tires for his truck?), because he thinks a pornographic collaboration with Farrah will bring in the big bucks.

The insider added, "He thinks they could really rake in a lot of money since they're both celebrities." What's saddest about this is that it's probably true.

Thank God it's not likely to happen. Farrah reportedly responded to the rumors with, "A million boys want to make a tape with me ... Adam falls into that category." That's right, Adam. Farrah only works with professionals. Keep dreaming, bro.

Are you horrified at the thought of an Adam Lind and Farrah Abraham sex tape?


Image via Teen Mom 2 MTV/Instagram

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