Jenelle Evans' Odd Comment About Kaiser Makes Us Question His Custody Situation

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser

Uh-oh. Maybe we're reading way too much into things here, but it looks like Jenelle Evans may have inadvertently admitted to the Twitter world that either a) she doesn't have Kaiser at her home 100 percent of the time, or b) he doesn't reside with her at all. OMG, people. Right from the get-go, some folks have assumed that Nathan Griffith's mom, Doris, actually has custody of Kaiser and that Jenelle is faking the whole bit about him living with her.


And we never really believed the rumors, mainly because it's so obvious that Jenelle has done a complete turn-around and is acting like a responsible human being. Why shouldn't her baby be at home with her where he belongs?

But as you will see, it looks like there is definitely reason to question whether or not Jenelle has Kaiser every day, based on this tweet she posted this morning.

Um, huh? Her baby wasn't expecting her to pop into his room first thing in the morning? If that's the case, then who in the hell was he expecting to see? (Certainly not Nathan.)

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Granted, most infants light up like a Christmas tree upon waking and seeing their mamas, but isn't the way she phrased this tweet a little on the strange side?

In fact, we could even interpret it as her popping over to somewhere other than her own home to see Kaiser, as crazy as that may sound.

Again, maybe we're totally taking her words out of context, but it just seems so weird for her to claim that Kaiser was surprised to see her unless there is a valid reason for him to be surprised. Maybe she simply worded the tweet the wrong way and was trying to convey how happy her baby is when he sees her each morning, but something just seems a little fishy here.

Do you think Jenelle has full custody of Kaiser?


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