8 'Bachelor' Couples Who Beat the Odds & Stayed Together (PHOTOS)

Sean and Catherine Lowe

As much as we all love tuning in to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, let's be honest -- the odds of finding lasting love on a reality TV show in a matter of weeks are pretty slim to none. The majority of couples who come out of the show all happy and blissful don't last for more than a couple months post-finale, so it's kind of a wonder that we're so addicted to watching season after season.


However, when you sit down and make a list, there really are quite a few couples from the show who have managed to maintain their relationships, some of whom are living happily ever after! Check out these photos to see eight Bachelor couples who are still together and going strong.

Who is your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette couple?


Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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