Vicki Gunvalson Shares Topless Photo -- Oops!

vicki gunvalsonAll the Real Housewives have had their fair share of embarrassing moments. Orange County castmate Tamra Barney was caught taking a bath with husband Eddie Judge and things went NC-17 as the crew continued to film. And who can forget the time that Atlanta's Porsha Stewart thought the Underground Railroad was actually a real train? However, Vicki Gunvalson's recent guffaw may even top those.


The reality TV star snapped a photo of the Christmas present the execs at Bravo sent her and posted it to Instagram. Though she didn't realize that the package picked up her reflection. Normally, that wouldn't have been a big deal, but Vicki was butt-naked when she took the picture.

According to TMZ, she says she was distracted and getting ready for work in that moment. She pressed "send" without checking. If she were another Real Housewife, we might buy that excuse, but this is the attention-hungry, camera-addicted Vicki we are talking about.

Click here to see the embarrassing photo on TMZ.

Do you think this was really an accident?


Image via Bravo

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